IvyMax Test Prep courses are designed to help students excel in their SAT, ACT, and PSAT exams. With expert instructors and a proven methodology, students receive comprehensive support to maximize their scores, ultimately improving their college admission prospects.

Key features

World-Renowned Curriculum

1000+ pages of comprehensive lessons, strategies, and practice problems.

Expert Instructors

Top scorers with deep subject knowledge and engaging teaching styles.

Mentorship and Accountability

Regular guidance sessions with counselors to set goals and track progress.

Progress Tracking

Frequent assessments with actionable insights for targeted preparation.

SAT Prep Courses

Prepare effectively for the SAT with IvyMax’s comprehensive SAT prep courses, offering personalized instruction and strategic section-specific training to ensure you’re fully equipped for the new digital format.

  • Personalized Instruction: Small group or 1:1 tutoring options for personalized attention.
  • Strategic Section Focus: Each section is taught by a dedicated expert, ensuring students thoroughly grasp concepts and strategies.
  • Digital Practice Tests: Full-length digital practice tests help students familiarize themselves with the new digital SAT format.

ACT Prep Courses

Excel in every ACT section through IvyMax’s customizable ACT prep courses, tailored to address your unique strengths and challenges, and providing expert guidance and strategies for improved performance.

  • Customizable Learning: Tailored programs address individual strengths and weaknesses in each ACT section.
  • Proven Curriculum: Our expert instructors and curriculum designers provide strategic lessons aligned with real ACT tests.
  • Live Online Classes: Interactive virtual learning via live online classes mirrors the in-person experience.

PSAT Prep Courses

Lay a solid foundation for future standardized tests with IvyMax’s PSAT prep courses, refining essential skills and offering personalized feedback to help you succeed in this critical first step.

  • Foundational Knowledge: Build fundamental skills and understand the exam format for improved performance in SAT preparation.
  • Skill Refinement: Strengthen critical reading, writing, and math skills to gain a competitive edge.
  • Targeted Feedback: Instructors provide personalized feedback to maximize student performance.

What our Students say their experience?

Hear directly from our students about their experiences with our programs and how these opportunities have positively influenced their academic journeys.

Aaron L.

SAT Prep Student

“The SAT prep course at IvyMax changed how I approached the test. The strategies taught were tailored to my learning style, which helped me increase my score significantly. The interactive lessons and persistent support from my tutor built my confidence immensely.”

Brianna K.

ACT Prep Student

“The ACT preparation at IvyMax was thorough and effective. My instructors were experts in their subjects, and their insights were crucial in helping me understand the material deeply. My score improvement opened doors to my top-choice colleges.”

Chloe Z.

PSAT Prep Student

“Thanks to the PSAT program at IvyMax, I felt completely prepared on test day. The practice tests and review sessions mirrored the real exam closely, which alleviated my test anxiety. I scored in the top percentile, qualifying me for National Merit consideration.”

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