Explore top universities on the East Coast with our tour, visiting Harvard, Yale, MIT, and more. Experience campus life first-hand, dine at university hals, and assess if they’re right for you. Benefit from Ivymax’s college application advice and daily essay guidance to advance towards your dream university!

Features of the Tour

Digital Business Workshop

Ivymax’s college application counselor & essay editor will lead the visit to the schools

Alumni Experience Sharing

Current alumni of Ivy League will share the information about the universities.

University List Development

A great opportunity for students to determine their university lists and practice essay writing!

Essay Writing Workshops

A great opportunity for students to determine their university lists and practice essay writing!

US east coast ivy league tour

Harvard University


Brown University

Columbia University

 University of Pennsylvania

northeastern University

Boston University

Yale University

New York University

Princeton University

What our Students say their experience?

Hear directly from our students about their experiences with our programs and how these opportunities have positively influenced their academic journeys.

Jason M.

College Tour Participant

“The college tour organized by IvyMax was an eye-opening experience. Visiting campuses with alumni sharing insights about each school helped me refine my college list. It was invaluable to see and feel the campus vibe firsthand, which greatly influenced my final decisions.”

Samantha P.

College Tour Participant

“Participating in the IvyMax college tour was a pivotal moment in my college selection process. The firsthand experiences and the detailed presentations by the alumni gave me a clear picture of what to expect and where I might fit best. This tour definitely shaped my application strategy.”

Derek L.

College Tour Participant

“I can’t thank IvyMax enough for the comprehensive college tour. The guidance from the college application counselors and essay editors during the tour was a game-changer for how I approached my applications. The interactive sessions with current students and alumni provided real-life perspectives that you can’t get from brochures or websites.”

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