Physics Bowl Competition


The Physics Bowl is an annual international physics competition that challenges high school students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of physics. This competition provides a platform for students to compete regionally and internationally, promoting excellence in physics education and fostering a community of passionate learners.

Exam Dates:

March 20 – April 5, 2024


9 – 12

Exam Duration:

40 minutes

Exam Format:

40 questions

Eligibility Criteria

The Physics Bowl is open to high school students in grades 9 through 12. There are two divisions: Division I for first-year physics students and Division II for second-year physics students. Specialized math and science schools, as well as schools in Asia and the Middle East, compete in their designated regions. Homeschoolers are also welcome but must arrange for appropriate proctoring.

  • Division I (first-year students) and Division II (second-year students)
  • Specialized math and science schools in their own region
  • Schools in Asia and the Middle East register through A*SEEDER

Competition Benefits

Participating in the Physics Bowl provides numerous benefits that extend beyond the competition. Students gain valuable academic recognition, enhancing college applications and scholarship opportunities. The rigorous preparation sharpens critical thinking, analytical skills, and time management. The competition also offers unique networking opportunities with peers, educators, and professionals. Additionally, participants can earn prestigious awards, boosting confidence and inspiring a continued passion for science.

  • Academic Recognition: Enhance college applications with awards and certificates.
  • Skill Development: Improve critical thinking, analytical skills, and time management.
  • College Applications: Gain a competitive edge and scholarship opportunities.

Training Course

IvyMax offers specialized training courses designed to help students excel in the Physics Bowl competition. These courses cover all relevant physics topics, provide practice exams, and offer strategies for effective test-taking. With experienced instructors and a comprehensive curriculum, IvyMax prepares students to perform at their best.

  • Specialized training courses for Physics Bowl
  • Covers all relevant physics topics
  • Practice exams and test-taking strategies
  • Experienced instructors and comprehensive curriculum