AP For-Credit Courses


Advanced Placement (AP) courses and exams are essential for high school students aiming to enhance their academic profiles. Offered by IvyMax’s partners, these courses are taught by College Board-certified instructors who help students consistently achieve the highest score of 5 on a diverse array of AP exams. Our instructors possess extensive knowledge of both the subject matter and the AP exam format, assisting students in refining the skills and strategies needed to maximize their scores.

GPA Enhancement:

Elevate your GPA with AP or Honors credits.

Credit Recovery:

Make up lost credits effectively and efficiently.

Accelerated Learning:

Complete a semester or two of coursework over the summer.

Flexible Scheduling:

Perfect for students with unconventional schedules.

Course Highlights

Yes, all courses taken through IvyMax count toward GPA, UC A-G course requirements, and AP/Honors credits.

Taking the AP exam is not mandatory for AP for Credit courses. However, successfully passing the AP exam can provide you with college credit and may enhance your university application by demonstrating mastery of the subject.

Taking AP for Credit Courses showcases your capability to manage challenging academics, enhancing your college application’s competitiveness. Completing these courses may also earn you college credits, potentially reducing your future course load and tuition expenses.

Yes, AP for Credit courses are included in the calculation of your high school GPA. Often, these courses carry additional weight, potentially boosting your overall GPA.

Yes, our AP for Credit courses are both WASC-approved and certified by the College Board, ensuring they meet high standards of educational quality and are recognized by colleges and universities.

Frequently Asked Questions


At IvyMax, we offer more than 30 AP courses for credit. Whether you’re interested in STEM subjects like calculus and computer science or humanities such as history and literature, our College Board-certified instructors deliver comprehensive, high-quality education. These courses help enhance your GPA, recover credits, and provide valuable college-level knowledge.

What our Students say their experience?

Hear directly from our students about their experiences with our programs and how these opportunities have positively influenced their academic journeys.

Emily R.

AP Biology Student

“The AP Biology course was incredible, with expert instructors and engaging material that prepared me well for the AP exam and ignited my passion for biology.”

Jordan T.

AP Calculus AB Student

“The AP Calculus course provided clear explanations and personalized support, making challenging concepts easy to grasp and setting me up for success in college math.”

Sophia L.

AP English Literature Student

“Taking AP English Literature enhanced my analytical and writing skills. The course was rigorous, well-structured, and significantly improved my performance on the AP exam.”

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