Arizona biodiversity conservation project


This unique program combines theoretical learning with immersive field research, offering comprehensive training in biodiversity conservation. Participants will complete two online courses followed by a hands-on field study in one of North America’s most biologically diverse regions. Students will explore the rich ecosystem of Southern Arizona through a multidisciplinary lens, gaining practical experience in addressing global environmental challenges.

Project Highlights

Unique Ecosystem:

Southern Arizona is home to one of North America’s most biologically diverse ecosystems. Its varied landscapes, including deserts, mountains, and riparian zones, host an array of unique wildlife such as grizzly bears, jaguars, and Mexican wolves, providing a vital area for hands-on conservation study.

Expert Leadership:

The Arizona Biodiversity Conservation Project is guided by experienced wildlife researchers and conservationists, providing students with expert mentorship in biodiversity conservation. Their extensive expertise ensures participants gain valuable insights into wildlife management and ecosystem challenges.

Benefits & Recognition

Certificates & Credits

Earn online course certificates and field research certification, accumulating up to 70 volunteer hours.

President's Volunteer Service Award

Exceptional students are eligible for this prestigious national award.

AP Capstone Eligibility

Outstanding students may continue to AP Seminar & AP Research.

The University of Arizona serves as the base for this project, providing access to cutting-edge research facilities and a strong legacy of ecological study. Nestled in one of the most diverse biological regions in North America, the campus is close to various ecosystems like deserts, mountains, and rivers, which allow students to directly observe and study wildlife and their habitats. This strategic location helps in understanding the unique environmental challenges faced by Southern Arizona, making it an ideal place for immersive field research and conservation work.

Research Location

University of Arizona

What our Students say their experience?

Hear directly from our students about their experiences with our programs and how these opportunities have positively influenced their academic journeys.

Sara N.

Project Participant

“The Arizona Biodiversity Conservation Project opened my eyes to the rich diversity of the region’s wildlife and the critical conservation efforts needed to preserve it. The hands-on field experience was invaluable, deepening my understanding of ecological challenges and solutions.”

Alex D.

Project Participant

“Participating in the Arizona project was transformative. Learning directly in one of North America’s most diverse ecosystems and contributing to real conservation efforts was incredibly rewarding. The knowledge and skills I gained are directly applicable to my environmental studies.”

Jamie L.

Project Participant

“The field study component of the Arizona Biodiversity Conservation Project was a highlight of my academic career. Working alongside experts in such a dynamic environment not only enhanced my research skills but also fueled my passion for wildlife conservation.”

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